The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

Set design meeting with Tom Bannerman – Saturday 30th July

Sam Atwell and Nick Bolton met Set Designer Tom Bannerman at The Bondi Pavilion to see Tom’s iniital ideas as to the set design.

Tom had just been in Europe at the Set Designers exhibition in Prague and returned with an A4 scrapbook full of sketches and ideas!

Sam briefed Tom requesting a set that was more manageable should we be lucky enough to tour the show, and to provide a more realistic feel as opposed to 2009’s fantastical set.

The 2011 show wont have the musician live on stage this year, and also will incorporate the video footage shot during the trailer shoot.

Set design is also influenced by the shape and position of the stage in the theatre you are performing in. The Bondi Pavilion is long and thin and at floor level with a tiered audience raking away for it. In addition, the stage has a rear section. The seats curve round the stage, and for those on the sides, its impossible to see whats happening in the rear, so we were keen to utilise the stage that is visible for everyone.

Without giving anything away, here are few early scribbles of Toms!


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