The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

We’re off to Bali!

With two new cast members, Sam was keen for the three actors to bond quickly – after all the three characters have been mates since knee high. And so the idea of going away for a weekend to rehearse started to brew.

Following the positive response from Peter Lloyd to meet with the actors, a bigger idea started forming. What if we were to film the making of the play and create vox pops for this website. Then Christian took it to a whole new level by suggesting we make a documentary investigating how Australians imprisoned overseas (guilty or not) got through the mental and physical anguish.

So we combined these ideas and thought why not go to Bali and revisit the journey of the Bali Nine.

So come October, we’re off to Bali for a week to rehearse, to film where the Bali Nine stayed, were caught, and hopefully meet them inside the prison. A tall order but if you dont try, you dont get.

We hope to put on some script-in-hand readings with local theatre companies in Bali and let the Bali Nine know we empathize with their plight.

Keep watching the website for updates!


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