The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011


Critic Reviews
This is a raw and involving piece of theatre
Played in a simple and effective sandbox, the acting is fierce and focused.
Any tendency towards generic death-cell grimness is held in check by a live score (a mix of sound effects and improvised percussion – played by Josh Green) that echoes the use of Balinese shadow puppetry

7/10 Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

Bondi Dreaming is one of the best shows i have seen in years
Sam Atwells’s haunting script…dreams harden into reality
The set design of sand, wire and mock brick is a masterpiece of evocative minimalism
The relationship between the three men is surpisingly tender, highly nuanced and often confronting

Gareth Beal, ArtsHub

As a parent, I was torn betwen joy and despair. Joy at the energy and imagination of the young men before me, played superbly by Toby Levins, Greg Hatton and Danny Green.
Whatever your feelings are about the Bali Nine, I urge parents and adolescents to take time to see this thought provoking production.
My 17 year old son and I spoke about it all the way home, and it affected us both deeply.
He and ten friends are due to visit Bali in November

Yahoo7 website

Audience Feedback
Bondi Dreaming was fabulous, and my friends really enjoyed it too.
It was very refreshing to see a new Australian play tackling complex issues in such an entertaining way.
The musician/musical accompaniment really added atmosphere and life as well … Congrats!!!

Fleur Beaupert

G’day Sam,
Just wanted to congratulate you again on ‘Bondi Dreaming’.
It”s always a measure of how successful a night at the theatre has been, if it continues to pop into your thoughts for quite a while after the event.
That’s been the case with BD. The three characters and their predicaments were complex, real and very affecting.
The cast was awesome. I enjoyed the theatricality of the whole thing.
As I mentioned to you, the idea of suspension of disbelief as a matter of basic survival is pretty bloody absorbing.
‘Challenging’ theatre can often become wanky and that shits me to tears.
BD was a long way from that. It really was something an audience can share.
Good on you, mate.
Hooroo for now,

John Mac

Nick, congratulations on another top notch cultural experience!
Thought it was very well acted – you’re right that the actors needed classic Oz accents to make it work.
Great storyline as well, although I’ll admit it took me at least 30 mins to work out what had happened / was happening!

Steven Jack

Hey Nick, Congratulations on a really fantastic play!!!!
It was incredibly powerful and moving, and also very entertaining! We all thoroughly enjoyed it. You must be really happy with it, well done!

Fiona Noon

Fookin a Nick, Bravo, What an amazing piece of work.
Sam is a star. The cast was terrific. Keep producing quality work like this mate

Carlo Ledesma. all orange films, Director The Tunnel

Congrats on last night! I thought it was a brilliant play and my compliments to the cast & crew!
James Minns, Popcorn

Went to see Bondi Dreaming on Saturday night.
I’ve never used the word “triumph” before to describe anything and I think it’s time to pull it out. Apart from the superb writing and direction by Sam Atwell, the performances by all of the actors are outstanding. This is original theatre as it should be and other highlights are the great set, fantastic lighting design and probably most impressive, the sound design using live percussion.
Do yourself a favour – this is must see theatre.

Scott Grimley

Congrats again on a fantastic show. You have really created something to be truely proud of. Thank you for a moving night! I will spread the word for the final week!!!
See you soon

Chaan Wadley

That was awesome, guys, well done. it really stays with you!
Asher Gillam

Hey nick, that was a fabulous show. Please pass on my congratulations to Sam and the cast, and I hope you get the houses you deserve for the rest of the run.
Ali Aitken

Hey Guys! Saw the play last night and just wanted to say that I Loved it! Well written, directed and ACTED! I hope you get huge crowds coming to see it!
Good luck with the rest of it! Oh.. loved the sound (and drunken singing) too 🙂

Lara Jane

Hi Guys, I saw Bondi Dreaming this Wednesday night and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the whole production.
Everything was spot on, and it is rare that I witness something that makes me laugh til I cry and then burst into tears of sadness moments later.
It was a really unusual take on the drug trafficking issue but one that really struck a chord with me, and is something I will think about for a very long time.
Fantastic acting, writing, direction and sound.
I will certainly be recommending this to all my friends and hope you get the crowds you deserve.

Millie Rose Heywood

Hi Nick & Sam, Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the performance last night.
Loved the burning of incense at the beginning to set the scene.
Perfect use of the music/sound, Josh did a great job! It was a pleasure to watch well written, directed and acted work. More of this is needed.
Congratulations on the media coverage and the general professional outlook of this production.
Look forward to seeing more and working with you both.

Fiona de Zotti

Nick/Sam just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the play last night, and you know how much i hate anything over 10minutes 🙂
Don’t want to sound like a thespy wanker but wanted to add to the applause and say I thought it was very moving, powerful , emotional and clever and will stay with me for a long while.
Well done to you all x

Kate Toon

Fantastic show tonight! Loved it!
As I said glad you ‘went on with the show’ it was the whole reason Suze and I came to see Sam in action and to see if he lived up to all he taught us at Screenwise!
Well done! Congratulations to you and all involved.

Sandra Galvin xx

The Arts Hub Review for Bondi Dreaming was so well deserved! I could not have put it better myself. EVERYONE has to see this play!!!!
Deborah Bradshaw

Great show Nick.Congrats to all you dead set dickheads
Nick Logan

On Tuesday I had the privilege of hosting a Q & A with Sam, Nick, Toby, Greg, Danny and Josh.
I was most impressed at how passionate, dedicated and articulate everyone was.
Clearly this play is confronting stuff but I just loved hearing everyone’s attention to their craft.
Seeing the play for a second time, I really appreciated the nuances, great performances, physicality, sound and lighting.
Set in a sand pit, it is a great earthy piece.
This time around I allowed myself to live and breathe the characters.
So my recommendation: See this play, then see it again!

Tony Chu, Head, NAFA

Hi Sam, Sorry its taken me so long to write to you
I LOVED YOUR PLAY it was fantastic, heart warming, heart wrenching, beautifully written, directed and acted. I was really impressed by all of it
I’m sure you’re really proud of it.
i hope it gets a run again sometime
you never know – it might even make it back to bondi
when the theatre is newly renovated next year!
take care and well done


Came last night. It’s a must see
Saz Fraser


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