The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

Audience feedback

Bali 2011:

It was a real pleasure to meet all of you and very inspiring , it looks you have a good and dedicated club of creative talents together.
I hope we ‘ll meet again soon and wish you a very good preparation for the premiere , I ll be hooked up to the website !

Peter, Bali

My dearest Nick,
Thank you so much for making us part of your experience , see your talent and share it with us…. There is nothing more beautiful in life then to give….
Please keep me posted about the play…Take care and till soon,

Nico, Bali

Thanks so so much for last night, what a privilige to be part of something so profound, you are a very impressive group of people with deep compassion and empathy. Thanks for sharing your hearts with us

Bondi Pavilion, Sydney 2011

Bondi Open Air Cinema: We were lucky enough to catch the brilliant play Bondi Dreaming over the weekend and highly recommend you all go and see it. BONDI DREAMING, presented by the Tamarama Rock Surfers, is showing at the Bondi Pavilion Tuesdays – Saturdays till December 3.

It’s a quality play and has been receiving some brilliant reviews with some critics calling it an Australian Masterpiece. Check it out!

Alex Fletcher: Everyone should see Bondi Dreaming @ the Bondi Pav – amazing acting, great play, topical issue. @karesque @BondiDreaming

Indi Bindi
: Great play! Best I’ve seen in a long time. A must see!

Cameron Welsh, Channel Seven
: @Cam_Welsh Congratulations to @IamSamAtwell and everyone involved in the stunning production of @BondiDreaming. Inspirational theatre – loved it!!

Alexandra Deville: HUGE congratulations to all involved in the magic that is Sam Atwell’s BONDI DREAMING. laughed, cried, and will see it again. be good to yourself and go and see it. xxxx

@hashtagkex These are facts 1. @IamSamAtwell is talented 2. He wrote and directed an amazing play 3. It’s called @bondidreaming 4. You all must see it.

Christine Greenough: Hi Nick loved the show so tight and intense. Congratulations to you and Sam and the boys. cg

Nick Logan: Saw my third version of BD last night. The writing, acting and production were superb. Right down to the freezing pre-show beer overlooking the waves it was a great night out and my last for a while. (his wife gave birth 7 hours later, and yes, she was at the show as well. Editor.)

Bianca Logan: Everybody should see this, I’ve seen it twice now and its been different and brilliant both times.

Tony Chu: Fantastic theatre. I like #3. Having seen #1 (twice), I couldn’t help myself but make comparisons with the 2011 version. It still had powerful performances but there were more intense moments and more comedy. I thought the story-telling was more evolved but understated at the same time. Well done Sam Atwell, Nick Bolton, Greg, Wayne, Christian and Michelle.

Martin Simpson: Great show. Powerful stuff full of laughter and tears. Well done guys.

Rosebud Hewton It was amazing the actors had such poise and unwavered concentration I was transfixed πŸ™‚ great comedy too in very well placed moments πŸ™‚

Kim Louey-Gung: Everyone should head to Bondi Pavilion and check out Bondi Dreaming. Its a great play. You should be very proud Greg

Glenn Marsden: Wayne, Bondi Dreaming was awesome ! Well done to you all mate

Nicola Thurston: Well done Wayne, we really enjoyed the play last night!

Sam Milner: congratulations Wayne Bradley on an amazing, powerful production “Bondi Dreaming” and to Renee Gavin – Coogee’s finest teacher !!!!!

Kat Feehan: Was with Peter last night at the Bondi Pavillion enjoying a wonderful play ‘Bondi Dreaming’. Well written and directed by Sam Atwell and produced by Nick Bolton. A Fantastic night!! Everyone should go and see it.

@purplgrl: β€œ@RockSurfers: Opening night of #BondiDreaming was a huge hit. Will post some photos tomorrow….” Looking forward to photos!!

Ali Mcgirr: Everyone must go watch Bondi Dreaming it is a rare and beautiful piece of theatre that will make you laugh,really hard, and then smack you in the face and make you cry. Congratulations to Greg Hatton and all the cast and crew for a magnificent opening night but especially to my amazing man Sam Atwell for putting his heart and soul out there and creating a true work of art!

Luke Mckenzie: β€Ž”Bondi Dreaming” is a must see show… On for the next 4 weeks at Bondi Pavillion. Best play I’ve seen in years!! Do it!

And another thing – @BondiDreaming confirmed Greg Hatton’s status as one of Australia’s most underrated performers

Ollie Batchelour Me, Nikki, her mum, my mum, my sister, her boyfriend, Lewis & clare loved it last night dude. An eerie and deep account of some desperate souls trapped in our materialistic greedy world. Some lessons for us all.

Sam Milner Congratulations Wayne Bradley on an amazing, powerful production “Bondi Dreaming” and to Renee Gavin – Coogee’s finest teacher !!!!!

Nicola Thurston: Well done Wayne, we really enjoyed the play last night!

Andrew Hill: thanks for a good show

Daniel William Hunter: Well done all. Great all round.

Janeen Brown
: The production of Bondi Dreaming was super! Thanks for a great night Michelle X

Kellie Jones: Beautiful work Sam… Lovely to see you after all these years! Chookas for the rest of the season. xxx

Emma Jackson: Hey Sammy. I just listened to it on the way home. Great interview. Awesome show. Congrats again on last night. I was blown away. X

Bianca Touma: Gets better every year Sam. Another triumph? Oh yes.

Susan Prior: Beautiful show Sam

Daniel Mark
RUN, don’t walk, to see ‘Bondi Dreaming’ @ the Bondi Pavillion. Please bring it to Melbourne soon, Mr Atwell!


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