The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

Producers Report

Sell out shows, gushing audience feedback, hailed ‘a contemporary Australian masterpiece’ and ‘teetering on brilliance’ by the press, profit making, bringing awareness to complex topical issues, and most of all a fun inspiring creative experience, Bondi Dreaming was the most successful show in the inaugural 2012 theatre season at The Bondi Pavilion, run by the Tamarama Rock Surfers.


The marketing was planned and executed well, over a 4month time period, with solid clear design and messaging, across multiple mediums, with excellent results.

Please also see the PR report provided by our Publicist Kar Chalmers
Events: A carefully planned series of supporting events helped the marketing including
– the fundraiser in June,
– the trip to Bali in October
– screenings of the trailer at the Actors Anonymous Short Film Festival (September), the NAFA end of year meeting (December),
– Acting post show Q&A with Tony Chu and cast and crew
– Community / social issue Q&A with Bali 9 family member Michael Chan, Nell Schofield, ABC journalist Peter Lloyd, SBS Journalist Mark Davis, and Sam Atwell and Nick Bolton from Bondi Dreaming

Email: A weekly email blast ran for 6 weeks, starting two weeks prior, being executed to the Actors Anonymous database of 900, and all Cast and Crew emailed it to all their contacts.
Website: Our blog enabled quick and effective communication and was very well received.
Social networking: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were all used very effectively and immediately with great response
Online video: the trailer was viewed over 500 times and greatly helped give the audience a feel for the show and our high production values.
Banners: it was a shame that there was only one week available for the banner to be displayed at Sydenham Einfeld Drive. It was very successful.
Flyers and posters: Whilst the design was excellent (Board Members called it the best designed poster of the season) the distribution company used were very poor providing no report as to where the posters and flyers had been distributed. They were also late in printing by 5 days.
Giveaways: An easy and effective tool to get column inches and bums on seats
Radio: The trip to Bali made all the difference in acquiring National Radio Interviews
PR: An excellent number of column inches were obtained through the efforts of Kar Chalmers. Without doubt the Bali trip helped our cause.
Advertising: We didn’t undertake any advertising.
Total marketing and advertising budget $3,762.30

Page Joins 190
Interactions 53,359
Unique users 4,299
Post feedback 230
Post impressions top 5: Silent Auction (1000) / Buy the tee shirt (989) / Audience feedback Nov 24 (754) / Audience feedback Nov 26 (655) / Trailer views (506)
Total likes 14,328
Comments 62 (from Likes)
Highest post impression Feedback 6.6% audience feedback for Stars Djalog post

Gender Female 56% / male 44%
Age: Age Female Male

13-17 2.1% 0.53%
18-24 9.5% 4.3%
25-34 23% 15%
35-44 15% 13%
45-54 2.6% 4.2%
55+ 4.2% 3.2%

Facebook Event Page
Invited 2,213
Attending 179
Maybe 81
No reports available for Events Pages

Tweets 295
Following 613
Follows 224
Lists 3


Total videos 21
Channel Views 377
Subscribers 8
Total views 2,526

Top 5 views
Nick in prison 677
Trailer 570
Willo Bali 211
Nick after prison 134
Sam after prison 125

Views 7,797
Posts 37
Pictures uploaded 84
Busiest day: 10th November 314 views
Top 5 referers: Facebook / Yahoo / Our Deal / Rocksurfers / ABC
Most visited pages in order:
Home 4,181
About 417
Cast 373
Cast 258
Bondi Dreaming 2011 228
Followers 390 (203 Twitter, 108 Facebook, 2 WordPress)

Bondi Dreaming came in 19.8% over budget. The budget creep is just about acceptable as its spread across various cost centres and some relates to higher than anticipated audience numbers. Alon ilsars speaker repairs blew it out significantly by $550
The complicated set and the complex projectors caused a lot of time, and additional expense
Budget estimate $14656 excl venue hire and FOH
Budget actual $17559.69 excl venue hire and FOH
$ difference $2903.69
% difference 19.8%

Key areas that went over
Lighting Designer $232
Rehearsals $140
AV hire and leads $378
Set dressing / props $361
Flyers and posters $790
Opening night drinks $292
Insurance $278
Misc $599 incl Alon Ilsar speaker $550

Key areas that went under

Advertising $560
Legals $156


Total revenue: $23,178.18
Ticket sales $14,180 pre FOH and venue hire
Ticket revenue $8,857.30 post FOH and venue hire
Grants $3,000
TRS $7,000
Fundraiser $1,425
Honey&Ginger $675
Our Deal $1716
Direct ticket sales NB $474
Net profit $5619.18
Note Nick Bolton and Michelle Neil, the two producers, both purchased the Projectors at $660 each and donated them to the show.

Audience numbers varied from 35 at the lowest to 200 at our highest, with an average of 74
Oddly audience numbers were higher during the week than at the weekend, and this is down to the effect of the Daily Deals (OurDeal and Honey&Ginger)
The post show Q&A’s worked very well in driving audiences during the week.
Our Week Two strategy worked very well so much so that Week # was the lowest audience attendance.
Tickets sold* 1344 (703 paid)
Adult 290 $8700
Cheap Tues 172 $3096
Comps** 641 $0
Concession 87 $1914
Denpasar code 2 $44
LastPlane code 12 $264
Our Deal 128 0
Schools 12 $162
Total 1344 $14,180
Total SABO ticket revenue $14,180
Average ticket price $10.50 incl comps $20.17 excl comps
Comps / sales ratio** 641 comps out of 1344 attended = 52% paid
Average attendance/night 74 incl comps, 39 excl comps
Daily Deals / Internet sales 219 on deals / 1344 attended = 16%

Total Our Deals sold
wk 1 and 2 127 $1397
wk 3 29 $319
Total Honey &Ginger sold
wk 4 63 $675.36

* comes from SABO only excludes personal sales, and Our Deals / Honey and Ginger
** note comps include a lot of Our Deals / Honey and Ginger

Audience split Sold Comps Total %Sold %week

Week 1 40 289 329 12% 24%
Week 2 214 120 334 64% 24%
Week 3 137 92 229 59% 17%
Week 4 305 140 445 68% 33%
Total 696 641 1337 50% n/a

Undoubtedly the most strongest passionate committed team I have experienced, and more importantly one that got on extremely well. Friendships were made. Debate occurred in a constructive and positive manner with zero fallouts. Everyone was punctual, polite, and performed beyond my expectations.
Resources were spread appropriately though a Technical Director should have been appointed for the A/V

Community Involvement for Waverley Council
As a winner of the Small Grant 2011, we are required to file a report…forthcoming


– Executed the videos better in terms of production
– Organised a Technical Director to set up the projectors better.
– Been more strategic on getting the right people to come and see it to make the next incarnation happen
As ever, we didn’t manage comps very well and gave away too many.

Approach touring theatre companies
Approach feature film production companies
Amend website and pitch documentation to be film-centric
Look for grants for overseas

I am very proud of what we achieved on such meagre resources, and feel very positive that Bondi Dreaming has a future. Its a story that connects and resonates with audiences, changing people’s pre-conceptions to drug trafficking and capital punishment, whilst makes one look at their own life in relation to family and friends in a positive way.

Nick Bolton
Bondi Dreaming 2011


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