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18th October – reflections on Bali – ‘Serendipitous’

We got back from Bali yesterday and wow what a week. We met some amazing people and had the kind of rehearsal experience I’ve only ever dreamt of.

I love Bali so much so for me it felt like going home but for some of the guys it was their first time or the first time in a long time and it was awesome being a part of them becoming entranced by the magic the island has to offer. For me this time was incredibly different and quite life changing. As a bonding session the week was invaluable but it’s worth was so much more than that. To meet the people and see the places that inspired the play really gave us a reason to believe in the plays message and desire to bring it out as truthfully as possible.

We hit the ground running going straight from the airport to dump our bags and then to a friend’s house who gave us the lowdown on the situation inside the prison and a great overviews of Indonesian culture.

Throughout the week we were there we were granted access to the prison, we’re lucky enough to meet some inspirational people inside and outside the prison walls, soaked up Balinese culture and hospitality and I think each one of us was irrevocably changed…for the better.

Our play has always involved laughter both onstage and from the audience and it’s been a tricky one to get our heads around. We’ve always wondered whether it was okay to have light in what is, at the core, a dark subject. Meeting our new friends in Bali restored our faith in our project and validated and informed the direction we are going in.

Sitting around at lunch in a Warung on the final day of our trip we all spoke our highlights and it was brilliant that we each had different moments but all smiled warmly at the memory of each others.

One word kept coming up throughout the week:

SERENDIPITIOUS : the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way : a fortunate stroke of serendipity | a series of small serendipities.

Bali truly weaved it’s magic. The trip was way beyond our expectations – what ever could go right did and ten fold.

For example: There’s a Cold Chisel song in the play and on Thursday night we were sitting on the beach and a five peace band, including a double base, strolled up to our table on the beach and busted it out. We all sung along in awe with Alon jumping up and playing the drums. Stuff like this happened all week and we were constantly humbled by people actions and moments of heartfelt expression.

There were moments of sadness and pain in the trip but overall it brought much peace and joy. I read recently that inside a prison laughter is better than sex. Having not stayed longer than a few hours inside a jail I’m not really qualified to agree or disagree but I can say that the healing power of happiness was certainly evident in many of the people we met. I know we all want to return and help support the work that is happening over there.


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