The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

20th October – Meet Gringo, Lightning, Rookie, The Bannerman, Grub, Hati Hati, MangoStein, and Sherpa

Tonight we finally welcomed Wayne “Sherpa” Bradley to the rehearsal room in his official capacity. He has come in early on, in a more advisory role, but tonight came in acting-guns blazing and tore up the carpet in the Bondi Pav’s Ocean room.

It’s such a joy to have the shared experience of Bali to draw from in rehearsals. Instead of trying to find anecdotes from my life or the lives of the actors to match the obligations of the play we simply talk about the things we’ve done together – people we’ve met, places we’ve been. It really means less meandering chitter chatter in the rehearsal room. We don’t have to work to be on the same page as we already are. I think this is true when you get a stellar cast together and in the last couple of productions we certainly bonded through rehearsing and had some great moments of unity but I’ve really learnt the value of an intensive rehearsal experience and recommend it.

When we were in Bali we came up with nicknames for each other. It’s something men do when they get together. I’m not sure of the scientific reasons for our need to rebrand but I’m sure it’s happened throughout the ages. The list is as follows:

Alon: “Mangostein” – after a popular balinese fruit that Alon enjoyed. As a side note The mangostein fruit was used as target practice after Christian bought a blowdart on the beach. We left that in Bali, didn’t think it would get through customs.

Nick: “Lightning” – 1. Because he’s on to stuff as quick as a flash and 2. because of his last name.

Christian: “Rookie” – he actually called this on himself after making an error on the first day. Not too sure what it was. Will have to double check that one. Christian later went on to direct traffic on the streets of Bali after he bought a whistle off a traffic warden. So maybe his nick name should be something to do with that? Suggestions welcome.

Wayne: “Sherpa” – Sadly Wayne got to the end of the week without been given one but was graceful in his lack of naming and told us he missed out on this comedy gold because he was carrying us all week. Thus we named him “Sherpa”

Rodrigo: “Gringo” – Rodrigo was actually named before take off in Australia. I can’t remember who named him but it was quite simply because he was from Chile and apparently that’s near mexico. Not original but a little bit “Young Guns” so has a certain element of coolness.

Greg: “Hati Hati” – This means ‘be careful’ in Indonesian and I’d like to say that Greg was given this because he was the cautious traveller but actually it was again more because of his last name. Again we get ten points for creativity.

Tom: – Tom escaped being nicknamed. Mainly because we already affectionately called him ‘The Bannerman’ – yep using the old last name trick again!

Sam: “Boss”, “Grub”, “Glenn” – Like Wayne and Tom I seemed to miss out on getting a moniker so ideas were thrown around at our last lunch. It was a slap dash affair and only flicked out brainstormed thoughts came out. ‘Boss’ because I’m directing, ‘Grub’ because it was Christian’s word of the week and he wanted someone to be called it and ‘Glenn’ because apparently I bear striking resemblance to a rugby player from Manly. I like to think it’s because of my skill and agility but sadly I think it’s my bald pate.

I’m hoping we tour this play so I do something memorable and get a proper name.

At rehearsals tonight we spoke of how much we missed our new found friends in Bali and dream of having a villa there one day we can share and work in. Would be so excellent to do some more theatre there.


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