The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

29th September – its ‘Hats’ week

Tonight we rehearsed the first scene! I’d programed into the rehearsal schedule that we would do scene 1,2 and 3 but we got so stuck into talking about who these characters are and who we are, well more Christian and Greg who are playing them, that we didn’t get past the first scene.

I’m very happy though that we’re taking the time to mine so deeply into both the play and ourselves. There was a real sense of exploring and exposing truth tonight. We stripped back preconceived notions and tried to really focus on the relationship and what was happening in the moment. It was scary but enthralling. Bloody hell I feel like I’m writing in my first year acting journal all over again but it’s just so awesome to work with such consummate professionals. We got down and dirty in the work without any egos. Suggestions were made and were tried without defense mechanisms coming up. It felt like a real jamming of ideas.

In other news Tom adjusted the set model according to thoughts that were put to him last night and after looking at it Nick, Nick and I all thought it was better the way he had it. Poor designers it must be very frustrating and I can imagine Tom wants to say sometimes, “Have a good think about that before change the plans and models” but he’s a gentleman and hasn’t yet grabbed me in a headlock and thrown me across the stage.

In honor of Greg and due to the annoying cold snap in Sydney we have decided to make this first week of rehearsals “Hats” week and all are required to wear a hat upon entering the rehearsal room. Please feel free to end any names for upcoming rehearsal weeks.

Marketing and publicity is starting to kick off with Nick, Kar and Michelle doing a sterling job and look forward to seeing stuff out there.

We’re getting ready to head to Bali soon to rehearse and have been overwhelmed by the response we have been getting by the wonderful people on the island. I’ve spent so much time in Bali but going back this time feels incredibly special and I’m really looking forward to touching down in Denpasar.


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