The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

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Mercy Campaign Article

We have joined together in support with the awesome folk at Mercy Campaign

Please check out their website and consider signing the petition.

“Sydney theatre director Sam Atwell is currently directing a play – Bondi Dreaming – which explores issues around the death penalty.

He writes in support of the Mercy Campaign:

“After the events of the Bali Nine played out on our television screens in 2005 a multitude of thoughts and questions entered my mind. I set about writing a play to explore the complex themes brought up by their ordeal. My goal was to humanise their plight as I feel it’s easy to sometimes become desensitised by what we view in the news media. In order to explore this territory I used three fictional characters from Sydney’s western suburbs who found themselves incarcerated in a random prison cell somewhere in a foreign land. Searching for redemption, the three men play out moments from their past and what their future could have been…..

Rest of article at


1st run with tunes

Thursday 3rd November 11:27

We did our first full run today without scripts or prompts and with Alon mixing in his score. It was so inspiring to see the guys really start to trust themselves, each other and jam. It’s been a huge week of rehearsal and everyone is pretty dang tired but we all know it’s going to be worth it once we get that set in and the lights come up.

It’s a strange phase of rehearsals, this one, because for me it’s really about letting go. I don’t have children but I imagine it’s like when your they are just about to move out of home – You’ve accepted it and know it’s happening, it’s hard to let go but you know you have to. Not that I’m saying the three burly blokes in the cast are anything like my children. They’re all older than me (I love that) so that would be weird.

I was so pumped tonight to hear Alon’s score supporting the show, it really added that magical element and I think will take our audience to another world or, at the right time, smash them back to reality.

Had a thrilling moment with Anthony Beach today, our video editor. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been fairly concerned about the sound quality of our filmic segments. The night we filmed it was incredibly windy and I didn’t have the benefit/budget of being able to hear sound from the microphone. All I could hear was live action and most of the time, from where I was standing, all I could hear was wind. But today, when I listened to the clips, the sound was clear. I was so thrilled as all the actors we used did such a terrific job and I was dreading asking them in to re-voice.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, things just seem to be miraculously coming together. I hope all our work gives the audience a powerful experience. And if you haven’t yet please check out the Mercy Campaign.