The hit theatre show in its third run in Sydney, Nov 7th to Dec 3rd 2011

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1st run with tunes

Thursday 3rd November 11:27

We did our first full run today without scripts or prompts and with Alon mixing in his score. It was so inspiring to see the guys really start to trust themselves, each other and jam. It’s been a huge week of rehearsal and everyone is pretty dang tired but we all know it’s going to be worth it once we get that set in and the lights come up.

It’s a strange phase of rehearsals, this one, because for me it’s really about letting go. I don’t have children but I imagine it’s like when your they are just about to move out of home – You’ve accepted it and know it’s happening, it’s hard to let go but you know you have to. Not that I’m saying the three burly blokes in the cast are anything like my children. They’re all older than me (I love that) so that would be weird.

I was so pumped tonight to hear Alon’s score supporting the show, it really added that magical element and I think will take our audience to another world or, at the right time, smash them back to reality.

Had a thrilling moment with Anthony Beach today, our video editor. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been fairly concerned about the sound quality of our filmic segments. The night we filmed it was incredibly windy and I didn’t have the benefit/budget of being able to hear sound from the microphone. All I could hear was live action and most of the time, from where I was standing, all I could hear was wind. But today, when I listened to the clips, the sound was clear. I was so thrilled as all the actors we used did such a terrific job and I was dreading asking them in to re-voice.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, things just seem to be miraculously coming together. I hope all our work gives the audience a powerful experience. And if you haven’t yet please check out the Mercy Campaign.


Final Week Of Rehearsals

Tuesday 1st November 10:38pm

Well we’ve made it to our final week of rehearsals and things are going well. Last week had it’s ups and downs trying to nut stuff out with that impending pressure looming in the future but not quite close enough to get really excited about. Last week we needed to nut stuff out, to argue ideas, to try and fail, to become frustrated with ourselves and each other. I felt like after rehearsals yesterday the gloves came off and we’re really getting closer to jumping up and smashing out a show where we’re all on the same page, stage and roller coaster. There’s still details to massage and improve and discoveries to be made but now we’re really getting into “heart pumping, we bump in on Sunday hell yeah” kind of territory.

We’ve had Scott Witt come in and point us into the right direction fight wise and also give us some great pointers on physical proximity. We learnt how strong and threatening distance can be. Wayne, Greg and Christian have been working on physicality and three very different characters are emerging – all with strengths, weaknesses, masks and moments of vulnerability.

It can be a smelly business working in a room with just blokes and as polite and generous as we all try to be sometimes it feels like we’re walking on razor wire but thankfully no ones slipped yet, in fact everyone is doing everything they can to support each other. I’m blessed with three intelligent, formidable yet caring, passionate actors and I can’t wait to see them on Big T Bannerman’s set with Nick Rayments lights shining and Mangostein’s music filling the theatre.

Our marketing, publicity and producing department have also been going great guns. Lighting Bolton and I were up at 5:30 on Monday putting up our banner on the Syd Enfield Bridge, so if you’re heading into Bondi this week…look up. Kar Chalmers is working like a trojan and contacts every day with new and exciting forms of getting the play out there so hopefully we’ll be in print very soon… details to come.

Few more rehearsals to go then runs, tech, tech dress then we’ll be up and running. I really hope we can encourage people to sign the petition at